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HVAC - Project Manager

Salary Range:DOE
Benefits:Medical, Dental, FSA, 401k w/Matching
Employment Type:Full Time
Description:The Project Manager mitigates risk, i.e. injuries, complaints, charge backs, liquidated damages, and/or civil suits, etc. and maximizes the reward ie. Payments, through the use of contract documents in conjunction with duties as set for him or her by the VP of PAR Heating & Air Conditioning.

Duties:Review of Plans & Specifications - The project manager must know and understand the project goals, means, and methods as set forth by the contract documents. He must also have sufficient knowledge of NYC Agency codes for compliance. In the event there are any inquiries and/or any conflicts within the plans, specifications and/or NYC Codes and Laws, an RFI must be written to the General Contractor, The Architect, The Construction Manager, and The Agency.

Project Plan – After understanding the project specifications, plans, means, methods, and goals the project manager must then develop a plan and timeline for the project. The timeline must conform to the start, substantial completion and final completion dates as set forth by the specifications. During this planning phase the project manager should also formulate projections for manpower requirements for the various phases of his project. The project plan should take into account site logistics – i.e. location of trailer, site safety, timing of deliveries, storage of materials, and time restrictions in terms of work. At this time, the project manager should begin to configure the payment breakdown by associating values with the phases of work. The payment breakdown will then be the means through which the agency is billed during the progress payments. The payment breakdown must be communicated to the Accounting Department so that the project may be properly billed in PAR’s accounting system.

Coordination – After developing the plan and schedule the project manager must coordinate his plan with the General Contractor/Construction Manager’s overall plan, as well as, the schedules of other trades. This is an ongoing process as the construction schedule will ultimately change based upon site conditions, RFI’s, weather, and other intangible issues. These issues will be administered to during the scheduled project meetings. It is the project manager’s responsibility to make sure that PAR Mechanical is always represented at these meetings.

Management – The project manager is expected to communicate the means, methods and requirements of the work to the subcontractor, job foreman and/or field workers. A daily log of activities and materials used must be generated in order to track the job and for record keeping. A daily log of the manpower requirements and actual manpower used must also be created. Daily Sign-In sheets are a requirement. It is ultimately the project manager’s duty to determine how, where, and when events are to happen at a job site.

Change Orders – Changes orders are necessary when items that are not listed in PAR Mechanical’s scope of work, plans and/or specifications are requested by the agency, architect and/or construction manager/general contractor. Change orders must be developed and, negotiated by the project manager, then communicated to the contract administrator for tracking and invoicing.

Subcontractors – Subcontractors must be managed and supervised for means materials, methods and labor law compliance. The actions of the subcontractors ultimately reflect upon PAR Mechanical and as such, deviations are chargeable to us.

Inspections – Upon completion of specific phases of work the inspections by the appropriate agencies must be completed.

Substantial/Final Completion – These are the milestones of the project in terms of both work and payment. At the time of substantial completion most of the work has been completed and the agency will have, accordingly paid out most of the allotted funds. At this time, the architect/general contractor/construction manager/and/agency project manager will generate a punch list of items requiring our attention. Final payment will not be issued if these items are not addressed. We must complete these items and document same.
Qualifications:BSME or related degree preferred, but not required.

Five plus years of HVAC and project management experience.

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